The Master’s Hands

“I sing the body electric” ~Walt Whitman

If you have been in the habit of attending Bondage A Go Go in recent weeks, you have probably noticed we have a new companion working with us.  When you meet him in our company, you may address him as Master Hawke.

We asked Master Hawke to join us because he is a consummate Dominant, a highly skilled sadist, and a gentleman.  Those who approach him respectfully will be welcomed and put at their ease.  Your gender doesn’t matter.  Neither does your orientation.  This isn’t about sex or attraction, it’s about submission.  It’s about learning where that edge is.  It’s about pushing the threshold.  If you want to do that, if you want to feel alive in every part of your body, if you want to be tested to your core, Master Hawke will take you in hand.


Master Hawke is a Dominant of considerable skill.  His particular area of expertise is martial arts, and he often uses elements of this discipline as he works.

I watch him work.  Master Hawke’s approach to physical domination includes a combination of leverage, physical force, percussive impact, and pressure point manipulation.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  As you watch, you will observe that Master Hawke is completely focused on his subject, on their responses and reactions to his methods.  He is well aware of the capabilities and the vulnerabilities of the human body and he excels at taking a person to that razor edge, where there is nothing for the submissive to do but to submit and surrender and ride the tidal wave of endorphins.  You can withstand some rough handling.  Your body is a wonderful machine and the Master knows how to push your buttons.  Aside from being remarkably skilled, his form is impeccable.  He moves with the elegance of a trained dancer, and his hands never miss their mark.


Rest well in the knowledge that there are forces greater than yourself, among them Master Hawke.  If you want to find the perimeters of your endurance, he will accompany you and show you the sights.  You are in the hands of a Master.


*Master Hawke is also available for private sessions in a discreetly located, fully equipped BDSM dungeon.  Submit inquiries to  ATTN: Master Hawke