It’s Her World

“Be then my slave, and know what it means to be delivered into the hands of a woman.” ~Leopold von Sacher-Masoch


Mistress Natalie devotes a lot of time to the training of submissively oriented men.  When She’s not doing it, She’s probably thinking about it.  Spend ten minutes in Her presence, and you’ll know that dominance is in Her nature.


Natalie’s gift for domination is brilliant as a diamond and has as many facets.  She can be a cruel temptress or a playful tease, an indulgent fetishist or a stern disciplinarian.  She has an exquisite imagination.  She enjoys using it to devise petty torments to inflict upon Her subjects, often for mere amusement.  I’ve watched Her rule, own, and completely subjugate one helpless, hapless soul after another.  Even a dim candidate quickly realizes a few things about Mistress Natalie.

First of all, Mistress Natalie is the boss.  She expects strict adherence to Her protocol and rules.  You will learn Her protocol if you hope to continue to be worthy of Her trouble.  You will know the rules because She will tell you.  You will strive to obey if you want to remain in Her good graces.

Second, you will learn that appearances are misleading.  Mistress Natalie is utterly feminine, fluent in grace and poise.  She is always elegantly dressed, perfectly made up and coiffed.  She has a distinctive flair.  She is a lovely petite figure.  Don’t let any of this fool you.  Mistress Natalie is a born Domina, refined through years of personal and professional training and experience.  She is more than adept at getting into a a submissive’s psyche and figuring out what makes them tick.  She is both beautiful and twisted.  She’s charming and demanding.  She’s elegantly perverse.  She possesses a keenly brilliant, filthy mind.  Not only will She own you six ways, She’ll do it in high heels…and She will make it look easy.

Third, Mistress Natalie is much smarter than you.  She knows this.  You would do well to understand and accept this before seeking audience.  While you were jerking off to your dad’s dirty magazines, She was busy studying the varying nature of kink.  While you were reading phone sex ads in the back of even dirtier magazines, She was studying psychology to learn how to control the pathetic cocks of inferior males.  While you were checking out the underwear ads in the Sears catalog, Natalie was amassing Her own vast signature fetish wardrobe, complete with impeccably designed lingerie, corsets, and stockings.  Natalie is way ahead of you.  She knows how to get into your head and under your skin.  Finally: a Woman who understands you.

Lastly, you will know that this Woman, this Venus in sheer Cuban heel stockings, will do as She likes.  It’s Her party.  She will offer you an opportunity to express your wishes and limits, and then you will be subject to Her whim.


What is Her whim?  That will vary.  She may require you to serve as a human foot stool, in order that she may rest.  If you lack self discipline, Natalie would be within her rights to prescribe a term of chastity confinement.  If She feels like being spoiled and pampered, you might be asked to present a bottle of wine for Her enjoyment, perhaps to pour Her a glass before She rests Her stocking clad feet on your bare back.  You might have the honor of serving as a specimen to be trampled for Her entertainment. Whatever Mistress Natalie decides to subject you to, you will survive.  Your dignity will be sacrificed in the name of debasement, because you aren’t important.

Natalie’s world doesn’t revolve around your frivolous wants or your ridiculously demanding male member.  Then again you probably already suspected as much.  That’s why you are possibly intrigued.  Perhaps, left to your own devices and poor judgment, you haven’t been able to find the deeper satisfaction you crave.  Maybe you’ve begun to get an inkling that you can’t be satisfied merely by meeting the demands of the spoiled buffoon that resides in your trousers.   Mistress Natalie will pique and hone your submissive traits.  You will revel in the reality of relative unimportance.  You will know your place.

It’s Her world.




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