What to expect at a foot fetish party?

Have you ever been to a fetish party?  Even as you read the words, you probably conjured up images of whips cracking, chains rattling, and leather clad Mistresses and Masters leading slaves about by a leash.  In most cases, you’d be right.  But not all parties are the same.

Maybe all of that sounded like a bit much to you.  Admittedly, it can be overwhelming- especially if you’re new to BDSM and fetish, or if your fetishes tend toward milder activities…like foot fetish play.


The Mistresses of The Continuum are hosting a foot fetish party on Saturday, August 3rd, from 8pm-1am (or later).  Mistresses trade their corsets and vinyl for simple, sexy dresses.   We sit around and sip beer or wine, chat, and listen to music.  Of course, we play: the ladies who attend love playing, and have come especially to play.  That sounds simple, but there’s a lot to explore…especially if you’re aware of the tactile capabilities of the foot.


Have you ever felt the baby soft soles of a woman’s feet, through a pair of even silkier nylons?  Have you longed to inhale the leather scented sweat of a pair of beautiful feet, fresh out of shoes?  Do you fantasize about sucking beautiful, long toes, or kissing them one at a time?  Or perhaps using a feather or vibrating toy to mercilessly tickle a woman’s feet as she squirms and giggles?  Do you dream of having beautiful, elegant arches draped across your face as you lie still and breathe in her naturally perfumed soles?  Or maybe you enjoy laying flat and still while a lady tramples you, applying her weight to your body  as you submit and lie there like a rug.  Better yet, two ladies trampling you.  Or more.  The record at my dungeon is six ladies standing on one helpless, hapless gentleman.  Of course, that was an exceptional case… but after all, records are made to be broken.  Yes, this is the actual record breaking photograph.  He survived to tell the tale.


Then, there’s shoes.  Most foot fetishists have a favorite type of shoe.  While many adore the classic black pumps, there’s room for many different styles: peep toe, stilleto, kitten heels, strappy, arch baring heels, platforms.  Some people like leather, for the way the scent combines with the wearer’s pheromones.  Then there’s the minimalists, those who like flip flops…so they can see all of the lovely toes on display.  Of course, there’s stockings and hoisery: sheer silky nylon, or actual silk stockings are popular, as are classic black fishnets (I especially like the look of black fishnets with a beautiful red pedi).


The ladies know all of this because they all enjoy having attention paid to their feet.  Many of them have gone out of their way to pamper and adorn their feet in ways that are designed to attract the attention of the foot fetishist.  You’ll notice.  You won’t be able to help but notice, when she crosses her legs and dangles her pump.  Or when she points and flexes during a foot massage.


Whew!  So, enough of that.  What can you expect?

When you arrive, you will be greeted and shown to the visiting area, and then the play areas.  There are public and private areas set aside for play, as well as “neutral” zones where there is no play (that would be the visiting area).  Some people will be chatting, perhaps enjoying a cocktail.  Others will be paired off for play sessions.  If you’re nervous, it’s ok.  Just relax.  Someone will be around to chat and help take the edge off.  Of course, the ladies all have their favorite activities…but chances are very good that there will be at least one or two who enjoys the same type of play that you do.  When you do find that special lady, spend a minute or two talking to her about what you’re into, and what you like about feet.  This will help her make sure you both have a good time.  Of course, all activities must be consensual.  Anyone is free to decline an invitation to play.  If it’s not meant to be, move on and try again.  Or, ask one of the hostesses for a recommendation.  We have a pretty good idea of who enjoys what, and can probably help you break the ice to negotiate a play scene.  Basically though just be polite and chill out.  Everyone gets a little nervous now and then, but we’re all there to have fun.


Attendees are encouraged to bring beer or wine.  It’s nice to be able to have a cocktail while you’re indulging your fetish, if that’s your thing.  Of course if you don’t imbibe, we have bottled water and usually one other non alcoholic option, like soda or juice.  Or you’re welcome to bring your own.  Relax and enjoy yourself. It’s a low pressure environment.  We have learned that the best play experiences happen when people are relaxed and at ease.  Protocol is relaxed for these parties so everyone can have a good time regardless of their experience level.  So if it’s your first party, that’s just fine!  You will see that foot fetish parties are a great way to get your feet wet (OH YES I DID GO THERE). 😉


Again, the party will be held on November 30, from 8pm-1am (probably later…they always run late because we always have fun).  Send us an email for additional info or to register: continuum411@gmail.com.  Include your name, phone number, and indicate whether you’ve ever been to a Continuum party.  Also, tell us how and where you heard about it.  We hope to see you there!








the rough use of subject #2

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” ~proverb of unknown origin


We’re lucky to have a dedicated photographer for Bondage A Go Go.  With the participant’s permission, he captures scenes for posterity.  From time to time, I like to look back on the pictures and reminisce fondly on moments we’ve been privileged to be a part of.  Looking at the photos takes me right back to the moment.  It’s easy for me because I was there, and I remember the intensity and drama of each scene; many of them unfold like a play in one act.  Still, I feel like a lot of the narrative is missing for those viewers who weren’t present for the action.  So I will present the story of subject #2 along with  the photographic highlights.


bagg24I refer to him as subject #2 because he was our second subject of the night.  He told us he likes it rough. He likes having his hair pulled, and being knocked around.  I’ve played with him before.  I remember his preferences, he enjoys a really intense play scene with lots of rough contact and physical force.  I decided to take matters in hand immediately by forcing him to his knees to crawl to the play area.


bagg26My lady friends and I took our turns subjecting him to rough use.  Miss Serenity began a warm up with the leather paddle.  Subject #2 stayed on his knees as ordered, and submitted to the rhythmic slap of the thick, smooth leather.


bagg27After Miss Serenity had a little fun with our subject, Miss Janna had her turn.  Her tool of choice was a miniature truncheon made of rubber.  I won’t even try to describe how much this thing stings.  It’s not just sting, either.  The thing is heavier than it looks and so it’s a combination of sting and weight.  It is one of the most intense corporal toys in the arsenal.  Nevertheless, subject #2 took it without complaint.


bagg29After Serenity and Janna took their turns, we raised him to his feet and clipped the leather cuffs to the fence to secure him.  I wanted a piece of the action.


bagg28I don’t get many chances to use the braided leather cat o’ nine tails.  It’s a heavy, abrasive whip and it is usually best saved for a true masochist, which aptly describes subject #2.  Being the smartass that I sometimes am, I couldn’t resist smiling for a picture before getting my pound of flesh.  By the way…if you examine this picture closely, you will see evidence of Janna’s application of the rubber truncheon.

After we had our fun kicking him around, we handed him over to Master Hawke to finish the job.

The next photo isn’t the greatest quality, but it’s going to be one of my eternal favorites.

baggwowNote our expressions, especially mine.  I am a skilled, seasoned sadist.   It takes a lot to make me look like that.

Here’s the inspiration behind our expressions:

bagg31Master Hawke gave subject #2 the BUSINESS.  His hands flew.  He pummeled and pulled flesh.  He struck repeatedly and rhythmically.  Subject #2 took it all and begged for more.  He gave a token struggle, just to get Hawke to bring it harder.  A few minutes into the action, Master Hawke took off his jacket and the crowd erupted in spontaneous applause and cheers.  Everyone knew what was coming: Hawke was about to go Full Metal Jacket on subject #2.   It was one of those rare, fine climactic moments when the spectators are watching, riveted and at attention.  It was the most epic, elegant beat down I’ve witnessed in many moons.



We ended the scene by making subject #2 lie on the floor so I could use his head for a foot rest while my companions enjoyed one final round of sadistic fun with him.  Miss Janna dripped hot wax all over the punished flesh of his back, and Miss Serenity used a steel knife to scrape the wax off.


Bondage A Go Go is at Exit on Thursday nights.  If you haven’t attended, you should.  Here is a link to an introductory article I wrote about the event:


Photos by Chuy Hernandez