wishes really do come true

I get really excited about Thursday nights, partly due to the specific play scenarios I hope to be able to indulge in.  For instance, here’s a quote I posted to social media a day before the event:  “Tomorrow is Bondage A Go Go, and I’m really excited to play. My particular goal for tomorrow evening is to find some human who will let Master Hawke and me work them over in tandem. Here’s my wishlist: The subject should be rope bound, facing down, perhaps blindfolded. Then I will begin with a corporal warm up, then Master Hawke will subject our specimen to some rough handling, then I might do some more corporal (if they can handle it). The cool down: pressure points + sensory play. Too intense for some, but lots of fun for the right person.”

Gentle readers, I got my wish and then some.  Allow me to introduce The Woman With The Star Tattoos.  For brevity’s sake, we will refer to her by the alias “Star”.

Star has played with us before, and she’s always a lot of fun.  Her scenes involve rope bondage and physical discipline and I’ve found that she holds up very well under rigorous, vigorous use.

After consulting with her briefly, I started the scene by asking Star to position herself on the spanking bench.


Once she was in position, I used rope to bind her.  Not that I was worried about her going anywhere…I just really like tying people up.


After Star was satisfactorily secured, I began with a warm up spanking.  I took my time because I knew we were gonna put this one through the paces.  No sense in rushing.  After all, this was essentially the opportunity I had wished for a day earlier.


Soon enough, I gave up my post to Miss Janna, who used a paddle on Star’s back.  She accepted each blow without so much as flinching.  No small feat, considering the toy Janna used is rather intense.


Miss Serenity continued working on Star’s back, first with a flogger she enjoys using…bagg34

…then with her hands.  The hands are under rated corporal tools, in my opinion.  They’re incredibly versatile.  You can use your hands to slap, knead, scratch, pummel, pinch, and so on.  Your hands are always there when the whip you may want is just out of reach.  Your hands allow you to demonstrate ownership and dominance of a subject.  They also add the element of human contact to your play session.  2pic

At long last, Master Hawke joined us and let me tell you he put Star’s behind to good use.  Look at the top photo: you can see the half second following impact.  Manual domination and pressure points are Hawke’s specialties.    Our subject took it all without complaint.  Not even a token struggle.  This didn’t surprise me much, because again, we’ve played with her before.  While Hawke was doing his thing, Serenity and I dripped wax and ice.  After the pounding she took, her behind probably needed a little cool down anyway. 😉


This is one of my favorite shots of the night.  You can see Star’s behind is nice and red.  That means we did a good job.  All in all, it was one of my favorite scenes for the evening.


Of course, I couldn’t resist pausing for a brief victory lap after all was said and done.   Good job, Star!  We can’t wait to play with you again.

*All watermarked photos courtesy of Chuy Hernandez.  Thank you!

Bondage A Go Go is at Exit on Thursday nights.  A lot of people in the Chicago BDSM scene trace their first exposure to BDSM to this event.  If you’re curious, you should check it out.  Here’s an introductory article to the event, so you can have some idea of What We Do:



Here are other pictorials from the event:





3 thoughts on “wishes really do come true

  1. Your observation about the effect of hands on play is quite true…they can get into very precise areas that the impact toys often can’t and they can explore unique sensitivities! A team beat-down is so much more arousing and intense than when going one-on-one!

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