prospective servant: #6

12:30 PM: There is a submissive shirtless man on my floor right now. As he is concerned about his privacy, we can not take photos, but he really likes the idea of me writing about it in my blog.  He claims he has read everything I have ever written.  Oh goody.  I love meeting my fans.

update 12:36 PM: I stuffed his own underwear in his mouth for a gag. At least, they are the underwear he was wearing when he got here.  I recognize them.  They’re from Target.  I have a pair just like them in a different color.  All the same I chastised him for being cheap and tacky.  Mistress Sheila slapped a piece of hot pink duct tape across his mouth so he can’t spit out his gag.  He is our foot stool today.  We may also make him wash up the dishes and go get us Chinese food.

update 12:44 PM: I just found his stash.  It fell out of his pocket when I moved his messy pile of unfolded clothing.  Tsk, tsk. Contraband on my premises?  Looks like I’ll have to confiscate this.

update 12:57 PM: now I have tied a cord around his private parts, and attached the other end of said cord to the door knob.  Experiment to follow.  This should be interesting.  I’ll let you know.

update 1:01 PM: he cried about it
(I consider this a positive result)

update 1:11 PM: since he is a worthless manbaby who cries too much, Mistress Sheila decided he could clean the shower.  She made him put on a little kid’s t-shirt with duckies printed on it.  And a pair of plastic training pants.  And his own crocs (yes, he actually wore crocs).  If he doesn’t clean the shower to her satisfaction she is threatening to make him deal with me, so it looks like I might have to work again in a minute here.

update 1:17 PM: well, it didn’t take long for him to prove his incompetence.  Now I have to decide what to use to beat his ass.  I am leaning toward a hair brush.  Or a grill brush.

update 1:21 PM: I decided to make him eat some of the turtle food instead.  It’s dried bugs and worms.  He has to eat as much as I give him.  Mistress Sheila just yanked off his duct tape gag.  Now she is explaining to him that “owie owie owie owie OW OW OW” is not a safe word.

update 1:31 PM: all finished with the bugs and worms.  He kept giving me reproachful looks that were calculated to elicit my pity.  Little does he know I have none.  I am indeed a heartless wench.  Suffer, fool! Ha ha! Ha!

update 1:43 PM: We just sent him to get us Chinese food.  I called in the order myself.  If he fucks this up he’s gonna get it.  The Chinese restaurant is a block away.  I gave him a time limit of ten minutes, promising that if he didn’t return in the allotted time he would feel the effects of the grill brush after all.


update 1:57 PM: Mistress Sheila says I have obviously not beaten him hard enough and this is why he’s pretty much useless.

update 2:09 PM: I wouldn’t piss Mistress Sheila off if I were you

update 2:24 PM: he is gone.  I made him stuff his cheap tacky Target panties up his b-hole before he left.  That will give him something to think about on the train ride home.

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