about me

I live and work in a BDSM dungeon.  It’s my lifestyle and my calling.

The stories posted on my blog are for entertainment.  No names or other identifying details will be used.  I fictionalize such details for everyone’s privacy.

I love, love my work, my patrons, and my life in general.  My view of fetish, sexuality, power, consent, control, and even what’s “normal” are all informed by what I admit is a very privileged view into human sexual behavior.   I enjoy a ringside seat in the world of sexual fantasy.  Often, I’m the ring leader, pushing boundaries and gleefully cheering the participants on in their indulgences.  I haven’t heard it all, but I’ve heard most of it.

I hope my experiences entertain, amuse, and occasionally enlighten.  I guess the only advice I really have is keep an open mind.

Thanks for reading!


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